Daniel Herrmann-Zoll

Born and raised in the Blue Mountains of Australia, Daniel Herrmann-Zoll’s first encounter with photography was at the age of 12, on a holiday with his family, he was hooked. 

He spent most of his teen years biking, hiking, sailing and rock-climbing; only to throw it all away after accidentally discovering beer, women and Eurovision at what he alleges to be legal age!

Straight out of high-school, Daniel moved to Melbourne to study and become a commercial fashion photographer, mainly so he could hang out with super-models. However, whilst studying he discovered the discipline of still life photography, and in the process became obsessed with shooting shiny things, wet stuff and tasty treats! He forgot all about photographing models, spent less time attending lectures and more time in the university studios playing with light. 

Graduating with surprisingly good results, he moved to Hamburg, Germany to hone his professional skills in the land where perfection, discipline and over-engineering are culture.

After some success in Europe, but craving a decent coffee, he posted himself home to Melbourne where he now resides. His specialty remains taking photos of shiny things, wet stuff and tasty treats. He still bikes, hikes and rock-climbs. Loving his adopted home of Melbourne, some of his new hobbies include breakfast, lunch and dinner!


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